To say that we know wine is something of an understatement. We’ve sniffed, glugged, gulped, and guzzled our way around the world, then gone back for seconds only to discover there was something else we hadn’t tried. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, our restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different wines from the world’s most respected regions and producers. No vineyard is safe from our love for the grape.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, we’re as fussy about our wine as we are about food. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself.

Just give yourself plenty of time.

– Wines of the Month

Domaine Saint-Remy Riesling 2016 & Pinot Noir Sketchbook 2015

The Domaine Saint-Remy Riesling 2016 is from the Alsace region
southwest of the German border. This is not your average racy, tart,
dry Riesling that has a piercing, salty acidity that leaves you thirsty.
This wine is aged, smooth, more complex and mature. The Domaine
Saint-Remy Riesling has a powerful shine and darker yellow color with
green undertones. Its aroma is a gorgeous bouquet of yellow apples,
elderflowers and honeycomb mixed with fresh, warm lemon cake,
chamomile, a hint of salt and garden herbs. Its palate is dry, smooth
and rich with a slightly woody mouthfeel. This Domaine Saint-Remy is
like drinking good Champagne without the bite of the bubbles and is a
glass that gets better and better as it sits. A perfect choice as aperitif,
with cold cuts, but also great with pork, cooked or grilled, pork sausages
or with a delicately flavored and stuffed turkey from the oven!

The Pinot Noir Sketchbook 2015 from Mendocino County in North
California has the typical, beautiful garnet and cherry red color
characteristic of a Pinot Noir, with orange and earthy tones. This
wine is full bodied and very round upon first taste, accompanied by
gorgeous, vivid flavors of taut blackberries and cherries and a nicely
gripping mouthfeel, like zesty black tea. The palate is also like a
lively cherry, raspberry and strawberry fruit parfait, with a little
chocolate, velvety and round with white pepper, spices and sage in the
background. The Sketchbook Pinot Noir is well-structured due to firm
tannins and a lingering, velvety vanilla finish.

A mushroom Risotto, grilled salmon, roast duck, rosemary chicken,
herb marinated lamb chops and aromatic cheeses are all a good
combination with the Pinot Noir and is always the perfect wine
for a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

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