To say that we know wine is something of an understatement. We’ve sniffed, glugged, gulped, and guzzled our way around the world, then gone back for seconds only to discover there was something else we hadn’t tried. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, our restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different wines from the world’s most respected regions and producers. No vineyard is safe from our love for the grape.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, we’re as fussy about our wine as we are about food. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself.

Just give yourself plenty of time.

– Wine of the Month



Just the right Malbec for this time of the year in our city…

At first glance, this wine captivates you with its deep purple color dappled with blue highlights. Its aroma of floral violets and juicy fruitiness invoke the dewy days of springtime and practically beckon you to spend more time outdoors.

Sipping this Malbec is a journey first through mouth-filling intense red berry flavors, followed by cool blueberry notes. This lush wine is undoubtably fruit-forward with no hint of oak flavors. But as you continue sampling this Malbec, a pleasantly refreshing herbal and spicy bouquet emerges to pique your interest just before a delicious violet aroma concludes your journey — but leaving you wanting more.

Bitter tannins are present but soft and polished. This wine is grown-up for its young age, very food-friendly and a lot of fun to drink.

Produced with care by the Familia Falasco winery and with the traditional methods that make Argentinean Malbecs beloved around the world, Chacabuco Malbec is a perfect entry level Malbec at a great value.

It pairs well with almost everything coming from our kitchens, but the meat or cheese & onion empanadas come to mind. A grilled provoleta cheese, or the mixed parillada with grilled sausages, blood sausage, sweetbreads, beef flap meat and short ribs would also go well with a glass of this Malbec. Add a fresh house salad with red onions and and you have all the ingredients for the perfect spring evening. All you need is a good place to watch the sunset, good food, better company, and a bottle of Chacabuco Malbec.

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