To say that we know wine is something of an understatement. We’ve sniffed, glugged, gulped, and guzzled our way around the world, then gone back for seconds only to discover there was something else we hadn’t tried. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, our restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different wines from the world’s most respected regions and producers. No vineyard is safe from our love for the grape.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, we’re as fussy about our wine as we are about food. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself.

Just give yourself plenty of time.

– Wines of the Month

Summer of Rosè Wines

We have a lot of Rosé wines from all over the world
in store waiting to refresh YOUR summer! 

In August, we’re going to Europe and have chosen the Muga Rosé
2017 from the famed Spanish Rioja region and a legendary family producer.
This Rosé is a very good example of a powerful and quite impressive ‘old world’ style wine.

Blending Grenache, Tempranillo and a healthy dose of white Viura/
Macabeo grapes (added for extra freshness) the wine is then kept
for a short period of time in small wooden vats and ‘sur lie’
(on the lees, an extended fermentation process) for 3 months,
to give it its impressive mouthfeel.

With ripe white and Saturn peaches, yellow apricots, lilac,
ground almonds and nectarines on the first olfactory impression,
it has a great fresh and mineral focus on the first taste.
After that initial floral Rosé garden, it lingers
on and on with great lemon acidity, freshness and length.
A broad mouthfeel and the focused minerality is a great palate
cleanser and therefore Muga’s Rosé is also a very good food companion.

A grilled chicken Paillard, salmon with miso or white creamy sauces,
pasta dishes with cheese, Pizza Quattro Fromaggi and grilled green
vegetables like broccolini, green asparagus or Padrón peppers are
perfect when paired with this wine. Shrimp and shellfish with garlic
and parsley are also a good idea to have with this very satisfying Rosé.

Also consider: Las Perdices Malbec Rosé, Trumpeter
Rosé de Malbec or one of the many other Rosés / sparkling Rosés
available at our markets.

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