New Year? Bring it On! January 2017

By January 1, 2017News

Go Overboard

As the fireworks fizzle out and the champagne bottles are emptied, 2016 sails off into the sunset. But don’t stand at the shore sobbing, because the Good Ship 2017 has already docked! So get on board and lets take a one-way pleasure cruise, Graziano’s style. Please throw last years baggage overboard, and make your way to the captain’s table. Happy 2017 folks! Let’s tuck in…

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Wines of the Month

Open a bottle of liquid optimism this month and grab 2017 by the, um… grapes!

Rutini Malbec 2014

Who doesn’t love a good Malbec? Deep in color, refined in texture, this outstanding Argentinian example is full of wild berry flavors and has a finish that’s as long and lovely as the rest of this year. To good health!

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