Keep Your Sunny Side Up: March 2017

By March 24, 2017News

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Spring is just around the corner, so this month we’re all about looking on the bright side with some heartwarming offers and cloud-busting ideas to send winter packing. Come on sunshine. We’re rooting for ya’.

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Wines of the Month

This month’s wine choices hail from 3,600 feet up an Argentinian mountain. No wonder they taste of sunshine 

Mariflor Malbec

If you thought winter was bad, imagine spending 15 months in a barrel. Luckily, its what gives this this 2009, 100{40b85ac2b7b35c89521b8f5e2c9bb51e7c88b94ef85e6ea13972fb603f647242} vintage Malbec its characteristic oaky finish. Smooth, bright and glorious.   

Mariflor Sauvignon Blanc

What could be lighter and brighter than a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp, clean and delicious, this is nothing short of a little ray of sunshine. 

Blue Sky Thinking

Surviving winter doesn’t take a genius. Here are five bright ideas from Graziano’s that are guaranteed to cheer up you up, come rain or shine. 

1. Happy Hour

The perfect cure for mid-week blues, our famous Happy Hour offers are available every Mon-Fri, 5pm-9pm. 

2. Half-Price Wine Offers

Open a little ray of liquid sunshine, up to 50{40b85ac2b7b35c89521b8f5e2c9bb51e7c88b94ef85e6ea13972fb603f647242} off selected wines every Monday and thru Thursday. Cheers!

3. Light Bites

Feeling under the weather? Then pop down to Graziano’s and treat yourself to a snack. Or a pastry. Or brunch. Or whatever. All served with a complimentary smile.   

4. Refreshing Cocktails

Our specialty cocktail menu tastes like summer every single day. Just add ice. 

5. Flame Grilled Steak

Pull up a chair, make yourself comfy and fill your (winter) boots with our authentic Argentinian steaks. Fireside.

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