Here’s to a Happy Hungry New Year: January 2018

By January 2, 2018News

Start as you Mean to Go Nom

Well, the holidays are over and the decorations are all packed up. Which means it’s time to sweep away the crumbs of 2017 and look ahead – to make plans, and set our sights on some new goals. Traditionally the time of post-holiday diets, you’ll be glad to know we’ve got some new eating habits of our own this January.

New Year’s Resolutions

Eat Less, More Often
Big, heavy meals can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. On the other hand, our bakeries have plenty of fresh pastries and snacks to keep you going all day, every day.

Drink More, For Less
Research suggests that spending less on booze boosts your appetite for it. With 2 X 1 deals on selected drinks Mon- Fri, our Happy Hour is the ultimate way to get your wallet in shape.

Get Some Walking In 
A good walk is the perfect way to burn calories… and work up an appetite. So why not start off at Graziano’s Brickell and make your way over to our restaurant in Coral Gables. If you’re still hungry after that, we’ll have a table waiting for you over on Bird Road.

Switch to a Mediterranean Diet
Considered to be one of the healthiest, most wholesome diets in the world, Italian cuisine is even thought to be the secret to long life. Which is why our markets are packed with specialty produce and ingredients from our Mediterranean cousins. Bellissima.

Wines of the Month

Mariflor Malbec 2013 

This Malbec is a favorite of ours, making a bold statement at a great value. From its dark, thick pour to its cool aromas of blackberries, blueberries, amarena cherries, espresso and mint, this wine delivers a rich experience as well as flavor. You can taste the high altitude (3,600 feet) ripeness of the fruit along with acidic notes of cassis and blackberries, with an almost sweet aftertaste of dark cocoa powder and violets. Rounding these flavors off are notes of black pepper, cedar wood, tobacco and oak. From glass to palate, this Malbec doesn’t disappoint.

Mariflor Sauvignon Blanc 2015

This Sauvignon Blanc is another one of our favorites. Made in the high altitudes of the Uco Valley of Mendoza, it is ripe and fruity in comparison to the mineral acidity you’ll find in a wine typically crafted in classic French regions. Careful harvesting and aging in oak adds to its complexity. With aromas of passion fruit, honeycomb, white flowers and a touch of kiwi and lime, along with the fresh taste of white peach and thyme, this Sauvignon Blanc is great with fish, chicken, pasta dishes, hearty salads or even a cheese empanada!

Mariflor Pinot Noir 2014

The Mariflor Pinot Noir 2014 by Michel Rolland is a very generous Pinot Noir on the bigger side. It has orange and brown reflexes in a dark crimson red, the nose is fine and focused, with raspberries, fennel, balsamico and herbs.

On the palate it is also quite a big Pinot at first with fine tannins and beautiful red fruit, very savory and earthy, followed by an intriguing roasted finish along with herbal notes. It presents itself very good and firm even on the second day. We recommend using a decanter to give this wine the air it needs in order to be rounder. Enjoy it with different cheeses, a hearty beef stew, or with a piece of entraña!

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