The Food of Love: February 2018

By February 1, 2018News

Hot to Trot

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Valentine’s Day this month, so we’re going to go all lovey-dovey, sweets and chocolates, right? We can do that. But it’s not only about Cupid’s arrow, we’re aiming for your heart the only way we know how: with full-on, hot-blooded Argentinian passion. So let down your hair, throw caution to the wind and let our cooking sweep you off your feet this February. 

Spread the Love

Candlelit dinners? Cozy tables for two? That’s not only how we do it at Graziano’s. For a start we use fire. Red hot flames to be precise. That way we can grill our meat until it’s as tender as a kiss.

Next comes the wine. And lots of it. From soaring hills to sun-drenched valleys, our wine list takes you to places you’ve never even dreamed on.

Finally, there’s dessert. The fresh kind, homemade, handmade treats that make your heart sing.

Our chefs have plenty of love to go around. Just make sure you leave room for seconds.

Wine of the Month

Villa Jolanda Vino Spumante

Prosecco or Vino Spumante can be so much (fruity) fun. These Italian sparkling wines bring people together and open up the appetite for another glass or for food in a very charming way. They tend to be fresher, also sweeter and less heavy than the much more exclusive and bottle fermented French counterpart Champagne.

Villa Jolanda has done a good job with their Vino Spumante, bringing some key elements together that we love about sparkling wines. Nice floral aromas with the scent of warm white bread. When tasted, it is fresh and crisp enough but with a very satisfying touch of sugar highlighted by large and juicy bubbles.

Well, who thinks about all these things while sipping on a glass of perfectly chilled bubbles while most likely in equally good company? So let’s just enjoy it along with its cute label design…

Ti amo Spumante!


Meet Our New Edition…




Lucia Pizzeria is a new addition to the Graziano’s family. Focusing on Neapolitan style cooking, the pizzeria will pride itself on its traditional wood-fired oven and casual, family atmosphere.

With an all-new menu, off-theshelf wine selection and casual dining, Lucia Pizzeria will offer fresh, simple food from the South of Italy. Laidback and relaxed, the informal atmosphere will allow customers to dine at their own pace and experience Graziano’s regular levels of hospitality – Italian style!

We know you can’t wait. Stay tuned for the launch date.

Lucia Pizzeria (Coming Soon)
8755 SW 72ND ST
MIAMI, FL 33173

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