Thrills and Grills: July 2018

By July 6, 2018News

Too Hot To Handle

Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the soccer, but July has already gone completely nuts. There’s usually just a few fireworks and some celebrations to plan, but this month we’ve got an extra-full plate of things going on. It must be something in the air.

Can you smell BBQ smoke?

A Full Plate & Diary

We’ll keep this brief, but grab a pen and paper and make sure all of this is in all of your diaries. Even the digital one you’ve forgotten the password for.

Fourth of July Meat Deals
We’ve got a BBQ full of special offers just in time for the big day. Check in store, stock up, fire up, and light up the sky.

World Cup Madness
The world’s biggest sports event continues and we’re showing every game right until the not-so bitter end.

Miami Spice
Everyone’s favorite showcase of Miami’s biggest flavors (at the smallest prices) kicks off again next month. We’ll be revealing this year’s menu any time now, so keep your eyes peeled and your plates on hand.

Summer is Here, Think Pink!

Our suggestion? Rosé for this summer

Refreshing, delicious, easy to drink, it also comes with bubbles.

 In a very cheerful way, it spans the color space between red and white wines. The color of a Rosé wine depends on the time the skin of the red grape is in contact with the juice during the maceration process and can therefore be completely controlled by the winemaker.

Darker grapes like Syrah or Malbec will also produce a darker Rosé faster than a Granache/Garnacha or a Pinot Noir.

Flavors that are often found in Rosé wines are strawberry, melon, rose petal, lemon, rhubarb, grapefruit and fennel or even celery. If you fancy more texture, try a sparkling Rosé. It is often made by blending white wine with a small percentage of red and in the case of the Champagne this could be Chardonnay with a touch of Pinot Noir.

Las Perdices Malbec Rosé 2017

Las Perdices Malbec Rosé 2017 has the structure and intensity of the 100% Malbec grapes that are used to make this beautiful Rosé wine, but with the freshness and fun to drink attributes of a Rosé. The attractive and shiny raspberry pink color and the intense aromas on the nose are very inviting. Drink it chilled and enjoy this refreshing way of drinking Malbec as an aperitif or with salads or starters.

Trumpeter Rosé De Malbec 2017

The Trumpeter Rosé de Malbec 2017 by Rutini Wines has a delicate peach to salmon Rosé color, the flavor profile is elegant and bright with high acidity, fresh raspberries and grapefruit. It’s a perfect wine for the outdoors. Pair it with coldcuts, seafood, seafood soups or chicken dishes.

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