April Showers Bring…: April 2019

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April Showers Bring…

Empanadas 1.99 Each on April 8th

Hop to It

This Easter, treat your kids to one of our delicious homemade chocolate eggs. And then treat yourself to two or three or four—we won’t judge.

Best Day Ever

We can’t let National Empanada Day come and go without celebration. That’s why we’re slingin’ empanadas for $1.99 each on April 8th.


Raise a Glass, 10% off Malbec


Malbec World Day is April 17th. Come in for a look at our special malbec-focused wine lovers list and get 10% off select bottles of malbec.


Feeling Poetic?

And want to win a $50 Graziano’s gift card? Jot down a poem about your favorite Graziano’s dish, ingredient, wine, server, moment, etc. and post it to social media with #GrazianOMiami. Our team is choosing four winners, who will each get a $50 Graziano’s gift card as a reward for their most excellent poetic skills.


Roses are Red…


We’ve teamed up with O, Miami Poetry Festival this month to bring you a side of poetry with your meal. O, Miami is a month-long festival with the mission of every single person in Miami-Dade County encountering a poem during April. Enjoy these poems by two of O, Miami’s Sunroom students …

Poem #1

I Went to Places


I am in a big bag of money

and it feels like I am little.

I am taken to food places.

And I find that I am sitting on a cow.

It smells like pizza and pie here.

All around me are the places

where I like to go.

— Samantha Richardson, 3rd-grader at Poinciana Park Elementary



Poem #2



Pizza Pizza you look so good

your cheese taste so good your crust taste good

your pepperoni taste good

your sauce taste so good

the cheese inside the crust taste good.

— Vintrell White, 3rd-grader at Holmes Elementary


Wine of the Month

We love Malbec. Period.


Not only because these are the most popular wines coming from Argentina today, or because they are such good pairings with the majority of the food we have on our menus, like our meats from the asador or the parrilla, flavored with rosemary and thyme, but also simply because Malbec is delicious!

A full-bodied red wine known for its plum, raisin and dark cherry fruit flavors, joined by bright red raspberry and pomegranate notes and a smoky finish. Malbec wines offer a great alternative to higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah wines, but there is more to Malbec than just value.

A little history of Malbec first.

It originated in the southern parts of France, predominately in Cahors, southeast of Bordeaux, where it produced bigger, darker and quite tannic wines. It is also one of the six grape varietals permitted to be planted in Bordeaux, but used mostly to add color and structure to the famous Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends.

However the cold and often very humid climates in those European regions was not really what this grape needed to thrive and to become the varietal the wine world knows today: a rock star!

After emigrating with a hand full of french farmers and wine makers to the dry and warm climate of Mendoza in Argentina in the late 1800’s, where it took a while to find its place and develop well, it made its way to unstoppable fame. The higher elevation, with dry and sunny days, cold nights and no more mildew or mold to worry about, brought out the best in this thick-skinned grape, resulting in fully ripened and fruit forward wines that have a smoky finish with soft tannins, low acid, violet flowers and a touch of mocha, leather, tobacco and vanilla towards the end.

Who could say no to that, right?!

So like this delicious and fresh ‘Del Fin Del Mundo’ Reserve Malbec 2017, or one of the many other great Malbecs in our shelfs, we encourage you to share a bottle with good friends and a good meal this month, because it is Malbec Month for us!

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