Summertime… And the Living is Meaty: June 2019

By June 14, 2019News

Join us for
Copa America 2019


Enjoy an empanada and get ready for kick-off. The first match of
Copa America 2019 is Friday, June 14th, Brazil vs. Bolivia. We’ll be airing
all the games all month long; so grab a drink, grab a friend and grab
your home country’s flag.


Father’s Day


Lose the necktie and make your old man proud this year.
Bring Dad to Graziano’s on June 16th for a memorable Father’s Day.
His tastebuds will thank you.


Kiss the Cook


Longer days mean more time for grilling, and we’ll keep your
meat drawer stocked with all the best from our carnicería.
Not in the mood to grill-it-yourself? Our CARNES A LA PARRILLA
menu serves up 100% Certified Angus Beef, grilled to perfection
by someone other than you.


Get Sizzling


It may already be hot as meatballs in South Florida, but the summer
solstice isn’t until June 21st. So put on your short shorts—the long days
are here to stay.


The Summer of Rosé


Refreshing, Delicious & Easy to Drink
(Bubbles Included)


How does Rosé wine get its beautiful color? The different
colors of a Rosé depend on the length of time the skin of the
red grape is in contact with the juice during the maceration
process and can therefore be completely controlled by the winemaker.
In a very cheerful way, it spans the color space between red and
white wines. Darker grapes like Syrah or Malbec will also
produce a darker Rosé faster than a Grenache/Garnacha or a Pinot Noir.


Flavors that are often found in Rosé wines are strawberry, melon,
rose petal, lemon, rhubarb, grapefruit and fennel or even celery.
If you fancy more texture, try a sparkling Rosé. It is often made by
blending white wine with a small percentage of red and in the case of
Rosè Champagnes this could be Chardonnay with a touch of Pinot Noir.


Take a Rosé (or two, or three) home with you and enjoy the hot
summer with this refreshing companion.




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