It’s Meat Season: May 2021

By May 13, 2021News

Treat Mom

Mother’s Day is May 9th, and Mom has been working hard. She deserves something different this year. And whether she’s a wine lover or more of an empanada mama, we’ve got the perfect menu.

History of Food 

This month it’s all about facturas, those delicious, crescent-shaped puff pastries. According to legend, when the Ottomans attacked Vienna in the 16th Century, Austrians created the croissant-like pastry to look like the Islamic symbol of the crescent and star. They’d eat the pastry in front of their Turkish occupiers to stick it to ‘em. Unique to Argentine Spanish, the term “facturas” actually translates to “invoice.” Originally, it was a not-so-subtle attempt by the baker’s union to bring attention to the value of their labor. You know what’s not laborious? Eating them.

Kitchen Must-Haves

Want to know what kitchen staples our family can’t live without? Leo Graziano is first up, and he loves his 5-inch paring knife for its versatility. This little gem is like the James Franco of kitchen knives—it does it all. Leo uses it for chopping onions, slicing bread, and everything in between.

Meat of the Month

It’s like employee of the month, but tasty. This month we’re highlighting our delicious Nalga: a lean cut of meat from the cow’s thigh. Slow-roasting or stewing are ideal for bringing out its rich flavor, and guess who wins the prize? Whoever eats it.

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