Summer Lovin’: September 2022

By October 6, 2022News


Mario Graziano moved to Miami in 1989, leaving behind his successful butcher shops in Argentina. With his wife and three kids by his side, Mario opened what he called “a real Argentinian Carniceria” in Miami.

Mario’s son Leo manned the grill while his daughters Carolina and Cecilia served hungry customers. One such customer insisted that Mario open a restaurant and even offered to rent him a location—the first of his future empire. Our Bird Road Market (3922 SW 92nd Avenue) is still open to this day, a reminder of where Graziano’s began and a testament to how far we’ve come.



Empanada Mondays are like Casual Fridays, but more delicious, and Steve doesn’t make it awkward. Ease into your work week with $1.99 empanadas every Monday through the rest of the summer at Graziano’s.

(Nobody tell Steve.)




In case you didn’t know, we sell Graziano’s brand artisan pasta at all of our markets. Slow-dried and packed by hand, we’ve got fusilloni, pennoni, bucatini con arco, and more. Take your pick, pair it with a bottle of wine, and prepare an easy, elegant meal for your date.




Our butcher shop stocks the best Argentinian beef from cows fattened on green pastures—not hormones or antibiotics. This month, we’re highlighting Argentine Ribeye, or Ojo de Bife. Universally considered one of the best steaks available, ribeye is the boneless, marbled meat cut from between the ribs. It’s juicy, flavorful, and ready for you at one of our restaurants or markets.



That’s the sound of Graziano’s, delivered straight to your door. From burgers to bistecca and everything in between, order all your favorite dishes online at

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