We’re Not Ghosting: October 2022

By October 6, 2022News



We’re not ghosting, but we are closing all our locations on Monday, October 31st
so we can (trick or) treat our employees to a company picnic.
Don’t be scared—we’ll
see you again on November 1st.




In case you didn’t know, we have our own Graziano’s brand olive oil that’s delicious.
Use it for cooking, or add a little Parmesan and dip a hunk of crusty bread in it.
Our extra-virgin olive oil is organic and cold-pressed, from us to you.




This October, it’s all about Matambre. Also known as Rose Meat because of its delicate red color.
Matambre is a versatile cut from the muscle between
the chuck and the flank and with the boiled egg
in the center it’s perfect as a satisfying appetizer or a main. Fun fact: its name comes from
the Spanish “matar” (meaning “to kill”) and “hambre” (meaning “hunger”). Not only is Matambre
delectable, it’s literally a “hunger killer.”




That’s the sound of Graziano’s, delivered straight to your door. From burgers to bistecca and
everything in between, order all your favorite dishes online at GrazianosGroup.com.



Order all your favorites online here.


Having an event? Let us cater it. For more information contact us at events@grazianosgroup.com

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