Thanking Our Lucky Stars: November 2022

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You work hard all year long preparing meals for loved ones—you deserve a hearty thank you. So take it easy this Thanksgiving and leave the coo

king to us. From salads to finger foods to the perfect roast, Graziano’s catering will help you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with familia.


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At this time of year, we like to pause and reflect on all we’re grateful for. To all our customers, staff, and loyal supporters: thank you for being part of the Graziano’s familia.







This November, we’re all about the tenderloin—and they don’t call it tender for nothing. This cut comes from just beneath the ribs, where the muscle doesn’t get much of a workout. The result? That melt-in-your-mouth flavor we can’t get enough of.






The World Cup starts on November 20th, and Graziano’s wants to help you celebrate the beautiful game, especially our beloved Argentina. Score 2 x 1 draft beers and 5 for $25 Modelo bottles when your team is on the pitch, at participating Graziano’s locations.*

*Bird Road and Hialeah markets excluded






Join us at our Coral Gables market on December 15th (5-9pm) for our annual Food & Wine Festival. We’re celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, so we’re going big. We’ll be serving up our best dishes, sipping on wine and beer, and listening to live music.

Get your $65 pre-sale ticket now, or get it at the door for $75. A portion of all proceeds supports breast cancer awareness.









Generally speaking, Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for noobies wanting to start with the right red that has a lot of things to offer but a lower alcohol level and fewer tannins. On the other side, Pinot’s are the red wines for the complex and elegant wine lovers with sophistication and knowledge. It also happens to be the red grape varietal that just loves to be paired with so many different dishes, making Pinot Noir the perfect wine for dinner for two.

Typically a lighter to medium-bodied wine, very fruit-forward, with notes of raspberry and strawberry, a dry wine and ideally with an earthy, herbal side to it that makes it so exciting to pair with food.

The noble Pinot Noir grape is also known for the pricier Burgundy labels, the French region where it was first planted, producing some of the most sought-after red wines for collectors and specialists alike. These wines are age-worthy and complex creations with often hefty price tags.

Winemakers that choose this varietal usually aim to create a memorable wine experience. The smaller grapes with thin skins and the need for a more extended ripening season make it complicated and challenging with the natural elements.

Rutini’s ‘Encuentro’ by respected head winemaker Mariano Di Paola has all the right attributes but with Argentine boldness and power. It also has beautiful and surprising components of blue fruit and violets. The perfect use of wood gives it a silky and long finish with soft tannins. One could say a ‘new style’ for a venerable grape.

In the past 20 years, the surface area planted with Pinot Noir in Argentina has almost doubled with the prime southern wine regions of Mendoza in the Tupungato and Uco valley to as low as the most south Rio Negro region. These are areas where the nights are cool to cold and days are warm and sunny, perfect for the long ripening needs of good Pinot Noir.

The Encuentro is an excellent example of Argentine Pinot Noir, and it is naturally great to pair with all sorts of dishes. It loves the more complex aromas – creamy pasta or soups; Lamb or Venison meats with Demi-glace are also a match, but warm Empanadas filled with meat, cheeses, or vegetables will pair nicely too. Generally, the more delicate meat cuts like a perfectly grilled Tenderloin with a mushroom reduction sauce and a Risotto or mashed potatoes on the side are just the right pairing. Oh, and before we forget, the Thanksgiving Turkey with the salty and sweet aroma play in the traditional sides is an excellent idea as we might just have found the perfect pairings for it, hint, hint…!


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