Hello Holidays: December 2022

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If it’s not on your calendar already, there’s still time! Join us for our annual Food & Wine Festival on December 15th from 5-9pm at our Coral Gables market. We’re going big for our 60th anniversary, so you don’t want to miss this party—the best of our bites, sips, music, and more! Presale tickets are $65 ($75 at the door) and a portion of proceeds benefits breast cancer awareness. 






This holiday season, go HAM on some Lechon. We’re taking pre-orders until December 23rd for our delicious paleta horneada (roasted pork shoulder) for $8.99/lb or $12.99/lb for the whole holiday-sized pig. Finish the meal with some delicious panettone. 







It wouldn’t be the holidays without our traditional Pan Dulce.

Try one of Graziano’s brand panettones for $39.99—Pan Doro Classico, Panettone Classico, Panettone with Prosecco, or Panettone with Chocolate & Pear. Available at our markets now.






2023 is around the corner, and we want to let you know how grateful we are for your company in 2022. Graziano’s is glad to be your neighborhood spot, and proud to be celebrating 60 years of feeding our neighbors damn fine Argentine. Wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy new year—cheers to the next 60!






Graziano’s holiday gift baskets are back, and you get to customize them! Gather your goodies and our team will wrap them in a beautiful gift basket, ready to be gifted to your friends, loved ones, co-workers, doormen, mail carriers—whoever you want to spread holiday cheer to!







Yes, tis the sparkling season and the time of the year to reward our loved ones, our families, and best friends and not to forget ourselves with the right bubbles!

Champagne is undoubtedly the most elegant, noble, and romantic sparkling wine to have… it is exclusive,  it is very elaborate to produce, so it is also the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and welcome the new year! Let’s do this the right way! 

We stock sparkling wines from all over the world, from the delicious Italian Prosecco to the French Crémant, from Spanish Cava to German Sekt, in the dry Brut style to the sweeter, Brachetto or Moscato D’Asti style, made from only white wine grapes in the Blanc de Blanc style, or in the classic Champagne blend from white and red grapes and even made with 100% red wine grapes, for example, Pinot Noir. All of them are guaranteed delicious in their very own way.

The most famous area of production is the Champagne itself, situated between and around the villages of Reims and Épernay, about one hour north of Paris in France.This region gave the name to those wonderful creations and has a brand empire on the Champagne name since Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as Napoleon I. secured it for his country. But there are many wines made with this elaborate technique from all over the world today, not called Champagne on the label but using  the same Methode Champenoise for their production.

The pressure created from a second fermentation in a bottle of Champagne, or other wines made in the Methode Champenoise, is 5 to 6 standard atmosphere (73 to 88 psi); this sounds very technical, but these delicious wines, come with more than twice the pressure in the bottle than required in a correct pressurized automobile tire!

Shaking the bottles before opening them is only an option if we want to waste the delicious content and don’t mind getting wet. It is also a good idea not to aim at someone while taking away the muselet, the wired cage ‘muzzling’ the cork and holding it under pressure in the bottle.

There are so many legends and stories lingering around these wines, but here we just want to tell you how delicious they are with and without food. 

Shellfish, in particular Lobster and large Prawns with their delicate sweetness, Sushi with raw fish, Caviar and Avocado is excellent, or as an aperitif with Cevice to open up the appetite,

But we also recommend trying Champagne with grilled meat! However, you decide to combine it, it is quite a way to celebrate!


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