Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy: April 2023

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Our markets are stocked with local brands you love. For the main course, we’ve got Graziano’s brand groceries. Then sweeten the meal with dessert—try Lucia’s Gelato or one of the award-winning, liquor-infused ice creams from Miami’s-own Quore.





Our fan-favorite chocolate eggs are back, and there’s no need to hunt for them. You’ll find these delicious Easter treats at all of our markets, along with Italian Colomba di Pasqua cake. 

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Graziano’s began as one man’s dream and grew into a family business through passion, grit, hard work, and the best damn empanadas this town has ever eaten. With Marcos Graziano as our Director of Operations, we’re three generations committed to bringing you the best Argentine food in South Florida.





We’re putting the finishing touches on, which means our newest location at Gables Station is coming soon. We’re now hiring for all positions, looking for passionate people like you to join the Graziano’s familia.


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What could possibly be better than the exciting, complex, and versatile red wine grape varietal Pinot Noir? Well cool climate Pinot Noir could be just that! It is is the red wine world’s most popular and sought-after light-bodied wine.

Pinot Noir is loved for its red fruit-forward flavors, predominantly strawberries, the tiny wild forest strawberries, but also cherries and raspberries, together with aromas of flowers, spices, and herbal, often earthy tones, that can smell or even taste of pine tree, deep forest floors, and wild mushrooms! A very complex and delicate flavor profile, that is accentuated by a long and smooth finish.

The Pinot Noir grape varietal is not easy to farm, the small grapes in their clusters have thinner skins (a reason why these wines are generally lighter in color), but that also makes the grapes prone to attacks from the outside during their needed long ripening period. Pinot Noir likes the cooler climate zones and develops best with warm sunny days and cool or even cold nights to extend and better control the ripening season of those complicated grapes, making for a complex and delicious wine that is also food’s best friend!

Humberto Canale has been growing wines in the Neuquen/Rio Negro region of Patagonia for way over 100 years! So it is no surprise that they have a good grip on making the best of their vines in this beautiful and exciting wine region. Patagonia is almost at the same latitude as New Zealand on the other side of the globe, close to a cold arctic climate, and also known for growing great Pinot Noir.

These wines are lower in tannins and have a good acidity level. They pair exceptionally well with duck, chicken, pork, mushrooms, lamb from the grill, venison with a red wine reduction, and mushrooms, or creamy Pasta dishes with Pecorino or Parmesan cheese. Mmmm….




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