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Score points with our new market item: the Milamessi. It’s a beef milanesa sandwich with tomato sauce, ham, and cheese, plus one side, for $16.99. It’s named for Miami’s newest footballer, but its career won’t last as long—the Milamessi is around for a limited time only, so get it while you can.





This month, we want to give a special thank you to one of our own. Nicholas Graziano, the third generation to work at Graziano’s, is our Coral Gables Restaurant Manager. We’re so proud of the work he’s done to carry on our family’s legacy, bringing you three generations of damn fine Argentine.





Fall in love with the specialty cuts at our butcher shops, and make your dinner the happily-ever-after of your day. Graziano’s is glad to be your neighborhood butcher, and we’ve got the knowledgeable staff to help you choose the cut that works best for you. Meat you at one of our markets!





Stop by our restaurants or markets between 5-8pm for Graziano’s Happy Hour. We’ve got food and drink specials to help you unwind after a long work day. Try the butcherburger with a Ceci Biondaale on draft for only $13.99. We can’t promise it’ll answer all your emails, but it’ll definitely make you happy.

Wines from the volcanic soil, blessed by the sun and a salty sea breeze.

The Aeolian Islands, or Isole Aioli, as they are known in Italian, are comprised of a string of rather small islands located in the volcanic archipelago off the northeastern coast of Sicily: Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina (home to some flagship wineries and famed for its caper production and recipes), Panarea, the microscopic Basiluzzo islet, Stromboli (immortalized in the Ingrid Bergman film by Roberto Rossellini), Lipari, the largest and most populated of the Aeolian Islands and Vulcano, the closest one to the coast of Sicily.

The Aeolian Islands are Unesco-protected and one of the most important locations in the world for volcano scientists.
And more importantly to us, for as small as these islands are, their food and wine tradition is hugely influential!

Intense Island flavors with Italian passion and tradition go hand in hand here and in these full-bodied Sicilian-style wines.

Cantine Colosi, a family-run and traditional winery on the island of Salina, was taken over by Pietro Colosi in 1987. Following his father’s footsteps, he has worked hard for over 30 years to spread the word about these tremendous white and red wines, growing on characteristic terraces and influenced by the volcanic soil and the southern Mediterranean seas.


This white wine, predominantly found in Sicily, is one to meet! Crisp and savory with intense fruit and flavor-forward aromas of ripe white peach, yellow apricots, passion fruit, citrus blossom, lemon custard cream cake with Limoncello, vanilla pudding on the mid-palate, and at the end, a great touch of sun-dried hay, Acacia wood, Thyme, and salty caper-berries. All those aromas wrapped in a saline island breeze, fresh yet smooth and fragrant, very satisfying. The Cantine Colosi Grillo Sicilia 2021 had an extra four months of wood treatment, rounding it up nicely while beautifully maintaining the acidic backbone to make it a great wine-pairing with dishes like white fish with olive and caper sauce, Swordfish recipes, grilled prawns with aioli, rich salads and cold cuts, Pasta dishes with vegetables, or just vegetables from the grill.

Try the Grillo (gree-lo) as a powerful alternative to Pinot Grigio

Nero D’Avola

A favorite from southern Italy, it is warm, robust, and fruity but always with depth and a great acidity from the Sicilian volcanic soils.

These are full-bodied red wines, and so is the Colosi Nero D’Avola 2021; delicious black fruit aromas of sour cherry, prune, and blackberry on the nose, fresh and ripe fig, black pepper, tobacco and inky black olives round the flavor profile off in a balanced way. Pairing this red with meat and sausages from the grill or a hearty beef stew with beans and rosemary would work wonders.

Nero D’Avola (nair-oh davo-ia) — a more fruit-forward but equally powerful alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon



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