Rock Around the Block: December 2023

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No holiday meal is complete without something sweet. Try one of Graziano’s brand Pan Dulces: Pan Doro Classico, Panettone Classico, Panettone with Prosecco, or Panettone with Chocolate & Pear.
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But none of that Jack-Frost-nipping-at-your-nose stuff. It’s time for our annual Wine & Dine Butcher Block Party in Coral Gables. Join us on December 14th for an evening of open fire cooking, live music, beers from local breweries, and wines from around the world. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, so get your tickets now.




There’s no taste like ham for the holidays. We’re taking pre-orders until December 23rd for our delicious paleta horneada (roasted pork shoulder). Get your hands on this lechon for $8.99/lb, or you can go whole hog and get the entire holiday-sized pig for $15.99/lb.





Sparkling wines, synonymous with romance, festivity, and technical sophistication, offer a diverse array of tastes and styles, perfect for enhancing your holiday celebrations.

This guide will explore these varied flavors and assist in your selection process, ensuring each bottle adds its unique charm to your occasion.



Dry and Zesty:Ideal for those who prefer a crisp, refreshing taste. Perfect as an aperitif or with light appetizers. Look for Brut or Extra Brut on the label

Fruity and Floral:These sparkling wines are great for those who enjoy a subtle sweetness and aromatic experience. Pair them with fruit-based desserts or light salads. Look for Prosecco

Rich, Creamy, and Nutty:For a more indulgent experience, these wines offer a deeper, more complex flavor profile. They pair excellently with rich, creamy dishes or nut-based desserts. Look for Champagne and Franciacorta

Sweet and Perfumy:The choice for those with a sweet tooth, these sparkling wines are delightful with desserts or as a standalone treat. Look for Moscato D’asti or Doux, Dolce and Dulce on the label.


Champagne (France):Renowned worldwide, Champagne is the epitome of sparkling wine. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of dishes, from seafood to grilled meats.

Italian Varieties:Italy offers a broad spectrum of sparkling wines, from white to red, each unique to its region and tradition. They range in style, shade, and fizz intensity, offering a sparkling wine for every palate.

These are just the famous players in the sparkling wine world, there are great bubbles produced all over the world, Argentina, Spain, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, Portugal and England are just some but not all or them.



Appetizers and Aperitifs:Sparkling wines are excellent for stimulating the appetite. The dry, zesty, creamy, or rich varieties, especially in the Brut or Extra Brut style, are perfect starters.

Seafood and Grilled Meats:Pair a dry Champagne or Franciacorta with seafood dishes like lobster, shrimp, or shellfish. Surprisingly, these wines also complement grilled red meats, creating a unique and magical culinary experience.

Lastly, lets not forget the red Lambrusco from Italy, a fantastic combination with Pizza!


In conclusion, the world of sparkling wines is rich and varied, offering something for every taste and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a wine to pair with a meal or simply to enjoy on its own, there’s a sparkling wine that’s perfect for your holiday festivities. Cheers to discovering your favorite!


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