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Our founder, Mario Graziano, is the reason we’re your favorite neighborhood spot. If you seehim behind the butcher shopcounter this month, make sureyou wish him a happy birthday.

We’re toasting to you on February 26th, Mario!





Share an asado and a glass of wine this valentines day. The only thing that makes our asado better is eating it while gazing across the table into your sweetheart’s eyes. Make a reservation at one of our restaurants this Valentine’s Day, and find out for yourself.




Contrary to popular belief, there is only one National Drink Wine Day, and it’s February 18th. Celebrate with us from 5-8pm at our Lifetime Market location, where we’ll have wine tastings and live grilling on what should be February’s most popular holiday.



Graziano’s has everything you need—except for the jersey. Stop by one of our mercados to pick up beer, wine, grilling meat, snacks, and more for the biggest football party of the year.




This month, we are going deep into our wine cellar and we encourage you to follow our lead — come with us to experience one of the best wines the Malbec varietal can produce from one of the best wine regions within Mendoza, Argentina! The color of this stunning-looking wine is a dense, deep red, with violet and blueish reflexes on the side of the glass. On the nose and when tasting it, one initially encounters cool blueberries, purple and blue plums, fresh wild cherries, and blackberries. This is subsequently complemented by a compote of brandied Kirsch, dark cocoa powder, and subtle hints of tobacco leaf and earthy soil. The intriguing herbal and almost saline component of mint and licorice, always present at this stage, keeps this mighty Malbec on a mouthwatering savory side. With so much focus and depth and excellent viscosity and complexity, this is Malbec at its best and could easily rival some of the most sought-after Bordeaux blends. To explain the exciting density and elegant freshness behind this powerful and complex Malbec, we need to get technical for just one minute here.

The Finca Don Antonio vineyard Block 41 (Cuartel 41) is situated at a high altitude of 1200 meters above sea level in the Valle de Uco. Planted in 2000, the medium-density canopy vines grow on sandy loam soil with pebbles of shallow depth. Despite the drip irrigation at this altitude, soil conditions can be described as harsh for the vines, making them struggle and dig their roots deep into the stony soil, in return making the fruit very powerful and adding a minerality to this Malbec that can carry its flavors so much further. After carefully hand picking and transporting the grapes into the cellar, a three-day cold pre-fermentation maceration takes place; the wine is then fermented in concrete vats for 20 to 23 days at a temp of 77 F. The first aging happens in smaller French Oak barrels, and later, the wine rests for another 18 months in large Foudres (3500-liter wood barrels). It was then bottled in Sept. of 2021, and an additional 12-month aging took place before it was finally released. This sophisticated treatment of the Malbec grapes makes it a classic Gran Reserva; it also explains the wonderful fruit characteristics met with this elegant wine’s delicate and not overpowering wood nuances.
A striking freshness and youthfulness are always there even though it was harvested in 2019, and despite the high alcohol content of over 15%. The Malbec’ Cuartel 41′ would be a great one to put away appropriately stored, to see how it does in 3 years or 5, or perhaps even in 10 years… We will try to keep you posted in the future.

The Tomero’ Cuartel 41′ 2019 demands full attention and as such, it’s an excellent wine to enjoy by itself. It also shines with grilled meats from the Asador, meat dishes with complex wine reduction sauces and delicate vegetables, or a braised Duck.


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