Easter Feast : March 2024

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It’s a full birthday month! Let’s raise a glass to Matias, Ceci and Maria Graziano who are celebrating their special day this month.
While you’re at it, grab a case of crisp Ceci Bionda Ale at Graziano’s, and crack one open in their honor.





Easter is on March 31st this year, and we’re taking lunch reservations in all our restaurants. Feel like staying in?
Our catering menu has you covered.  You can gather with la familia and celebrate with delicious Argentine food, at our table or yours.





Contrary to popular belief, there is only one National Drink Wine Day, and it’s February 18th. Celebrate with us from 5-8pm at our Lifetime Market location,
where we’ll have wine tastings and live grilling on what should be February’s most popular holiday.





Castillo de Albai Reserva 2017 Rioja D.O.Ca. (D.O.Ca. = Denominacion de Origen Calificada)

Rioja is a wine region in central northern Spain first mentioned in 873!

What could be better than a classic Rioja from Spain’s most internationally famous wine region along the Rio Ebro, made from the fantastic Tempranillo grape that put this region on the map so long ago? The answer could be A Reserva Rioja, with the extra resting time in the wood barrels and bottles, extra maturing time to develop and perfect these distinct and great flavor profiles, and a delicious mix of fresh cherry juice, spices, and wood. And even better if this Reserva Rioja received a Grand Gold medal price at a prestigious competition in central Europe’s Capital, Brussels!

All of this and quite a bit more is the case with this Rioja ‘Castillo de Albai’ harvested in 2017, the hand-picked Tempranillo grapes are from old vines. By now, it is a seven-year-old wine that seems to come from a different wine time, good wine times with classic and balanced wines that are ‘built’ to last, always engaging and with ever-changing aromas in the glass.

This Rioja would profit from some extra time after being opened;
it has been tugged away for a while and needs to breathe and adapt first; decanting it is a good idea to get the whole experience out of it.

After that, one should also not forget to take a deep and strong breath with the nose deep inside the glass. It is magical how one can almost see the landscape with steep stony hills alongside the Rio Ebro, aromas of vibrant cherry fruit, cocoa, leather, weathered wood, dried herbs and a bunch of earthy tones. The beautiful deep cherry red with some maroon tones in the glass has an intense shine from within and still looks young and clear, announcing a powerful, mature red wine that wants to be noticed right away.

On the palate, it is well rounded by the 18-month in American oak barrels, a savory and balanced red wine with a long finish that is just asking to be enjoyed with all kinds of meats and different cuts from the grill or with complex reduction sauces. Hearty stews, and aged cheeses would also be a perfect combination.


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