To say that we know wine is something of an understatement. We’ve sniffed, glugged, gulped, and guzzled our way around the world, then gone back for seconds only to discover there was something else we hadn’t tried. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, our restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different wines from the world’s most respected regions and producers. No vineyard is safe from our love for the grape.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, we’re as fussy about our wine as we are about food. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself.

Just give yourself plenty of time.

Wine of the Month


This delicious little Malbec comes with the perfect name for this month’s special day. It offers plenty of good attributes that Malbec wines are known and loved for – so this could also be the perfect wine for a romantic evening.

Don Valentin comes with a bright violet, almost blue shine in a beautiful dark and deep red color, fresh lilac and violet aromas pouring out of the glass and some dried roses as well. This is a young Malbec, fresh and with a very satisfying sweetness on the finish that makes it a perfect entry level Malbec giving you and idea of what this amazing wine varietal can bring to the table.

Overall, it’s very much a Malbec on the bright side of life, fun, floral and a good pairing with a lot of different food like Goat cheeses, Poultry dishes, Lamb and Beef from the asador or grill served with a fresh salad. It is also just the right wine to have with well-flavored Argentine pork sausages, with bread and Chimichurri or mayonnaise as a classic Choripán.

Happy Valentin!


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