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Humberto Canale ‘Estate’ Malbec 2018

The saying goes that good wine comes from struggling vines and in this case, Humberto Canale ‘Estate’ Malbec could be considered exemplary. 

The Humberto Canale Family & Winery is situated on the southernmost tip of the Americas, also known as ‘Tierra del Fuego”. Their winery sits just east of Neuquen by the banks of Rio Negro and north of rugged Patagonia.

Though Humberto Canale and his family have been producing wines for over 100 years, this region around Neuquen is still relatively young in its history of winemaking. Patagonia is receiving overdue praise for producing dynamic and unique wines, putting itself on the map and in the glass of many wine lovers looking for exciting new adventures.

Humberto Canale has become one of Patagonia’s wine-producing pioneers, with the first vines planted in 1912 that continue to produce fruit today. This notoriety comes with a vital understanding of the soil by the banks of the Rio Negro. Abundantly rich with age-old minerals, this unique soil gives the plants the power to withstand the harsh conditions resulting in new and exciting wines.

The Humberto Canale ‘Estate’ Malbec, in this case, the vintage 2018, is one of these wines.

A beautiful medium purple and intriguing violet, with notes of pipe tobacco, blackberries, plum, with a balsamic salinity, it manages to pair well with meals while remaining bold and never boring. The body is medium to bold with fine tannins on the backend, the alcohol level of 13.5% produces no heat over the complex aromas.

Perfectly paired with a grilled Rib Eye steak or a classic cheeseburger, this approachable wine is exquisite– especially for the value. 

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