To say that we know wine is something of an understatement. We’ve sniffed, glugged, gulped, and guzzled our way around the world, then gone back for seconds only to discover there was something else we hadn’t tried. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, our restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different wines from the world’s most respected regions and producers. No vineyard is safe from our love for the grape.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, we’re as fussy about our wine as we are about food. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself.

Just give yourself plenty of time.





From the family estate vineyards in the prestigious Uco Valley and within the foothills of the Argentinean Andes at 1100m (3600 feet) above sea level, this highly rated and exciting Pinot Noir is envisioned and created by Dany and Michel Rolland, a world-renown wine power couple, both winemakers and based out of the equally well-known Bordeaux wine region in France.

Pinot Noir is an ‘aristocrat’ of the wine world and famously known for some of the world’s best wines produced in the Burgundy valley along the river Rhone in central France. It is also very much present in some of the world’s greatest Champagne wine blends. What more needs to be said, this is the grape that wine dreams are made of!

Despite its name, Pinot Noir translates to black Pine, and the fact that the compact thin-skinned grape clusters are very dark purple when ripening on the vines, Pinot Noir juice is colorless when first pressed. Vinified in a specific method, it is included alongside Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, to create the world’s best Champagnes.During the maceration process in the cellar, when the wine is left on the grape skins for a longer period of time, it receives its beautiful lighter, bright red color, often with blue and violet reflexes in it, and later while aging some delicate brown tones are introduced in the wines.

The ‘Mariflor’ Pinot Noir 2018 created by Dany and Michel Rolland for sure has what Pinot lovers from all over the world enjoy about this varietal, the silky elegant red fruit scents and the aromas of wild strawberries, with a wonderful herbal depth. In this case, paired with a lushness and powerful structure that these wines are capable to show from an early age when produced in the perfect Argentinian Mendoza climate. Pinot Noir does not mind growing in the cooler climate zones at all, but like all vines, it ripens very well during warm days, just the climate situation of Argentina’s best regions, a luxury for this grape.

This still-young wine has more power than expected from a Pinot Noir’s first sip, it could profit from decanting to add some airing to its youthful strength and bring the wonderful fruit and herbal aromas together, serving it a touch cooler between 14C-16C (58F-61F) would also help to bring out the best in this very well produced and age-worthy wine.

Moreover, Pinot Noir is considered to be the perfect and very versatile food wine, so get ready to get hungry now!

It combines well with creamy pasta dishes with speck and/or mushrooms topped with Parmigiano, a Spaghetti Carbonara, or a good Cacio e Pepe with creamy Pecorino and black pepper. It loves to be added to roasted chicken dishes with vegetables like green asparagus and even a good burger with pickles and cheese are Pinot’s friends. On the heavier meat side, Venison served pink with gravy sauces or braised rich Duck and Rack of Lamb are always a good idea. But to find out how adaptable the red Pinot Noir can be, fish dishes, light salads, or vegetable soups are the best proof…

So whatever is on the table, make sure there is a Pinot to go with it!

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